Wicking beds – Sustainable Gardening Australia Footprint Flicks

Wicking beds – Sustainable Gardening Australia Footprint Flicks
Loved by many, enjoyed by few. The ultimate ‘How-to’ guide for creating and enjoying your very own garden wicking bed. And once the plants have been tucked in for the season, blissful self-watering takes over.

Footprint Flicks were produced with the assistance of Sustainability Fund Victoria. For more great Sustainable Gardening advice, visit our website at www.SGAonline.org.au

25 thoughts on “Wicking beds – Sustainable Gardening Australia Footprint Flicks

  1. jinx Mack

    Seen a few videos on wicking beds but this one is the best one ever. I will
    definitely be giving it a go now. Good job. thank you.

  2. TheBushdoctor68

    Great video, thanks. However, the box looks quite flimsy and I think you
    should have used thicker lumber. The last shot shows the planks bending
    considerably under the weight of the soil, which will get worse over time.
    Still a great video, because it taught me to use thicker lumber. :)

  3. Monster Bear

    Love Australian accents! Thanks for the video. I’m currently building my
    raised SIP by Urban Gardner. You video is an awesome supplement. Thanks!
    From Spring Tx

  4. nery colon 1

    nice. i wonder if this can be done also for containers. i enjoy it very
    much. it’s perfect for here where mosquitos are a problem. thanks for your

  5. eruditionist123

    What’s the maintenance on these? Do you replace the plastic or gravel after
    2,3 years?

  6. SG Aust

    You shouldn’t have to replace either as long as you’ve used a good quality
    liner – a pond liner is ideal. The green shade cloth layer on top of the
    red scoria toppings should prevent any of the organic materials in the next
    layer from passing through. Preventing contamination of the reservoir layer
    with the organic materials is important.

  7. Rachel Crowley

    Fabulous video – succinct, informative, entertaining, and inspires me to
    get out there and give it a go. I have 2x wooden crates (100 x 100 x 90) so
    reckon these should be perfect. Thanks++ ps: love the t- shirt and your
    enthusiasm pps: include the chocolate pudding recipe next time…!!!

  8. Jess F

    I suppose keep it filled so that you are wetting as much of the stick as
    she did when she first filled it.

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