The Most Important Skill You Need to Be a Self Sustainable Gardener

The Most Important Skill You Need to Be a Self Sustainable Gardener
John from shares with you the single most important skill he believes every gardener should know to be self sustainable. In this episode John harvests Huacatay Seeds, Red Malabar Spinach Seeds and Agretti Seedsand shows you how easy you can start saving seeds today to save genetic diversity of tomorrow.

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25 thoughts on “The Most Important Skill You Need to Be a Self Sustainable Gardener

  1. mikeofthesand101

    I am in Phoenix and would like to have the Agretti to help control the salt
    in the soil which can be a problem in this area. I am having problems
    finding sources for the seeds. By the germination rates I will need to buy
    several to ensure I have a few plants. Anyone have a source for Agretti

  2. lisakaye551

    I missed out on the sunchokes and runner bean offering, but that’s okay:
    Your videos have a wealth of information that I can’t find anywhere else.
    Is there a chance you will make the Huacatay seeds available? Would love to
    plant that……

  3. corporatejungles

    Hey John, I just tried a new green and it is really bitter. Is it supposed
    to be like that? It was the swiss chard you always talk about. I got some
    from the grocery store because I wanted to try it before I wastes space
    growing it. Is swiss chard supposed to be bitter?

  4. Beth Muse

    The best veggies for you are the ones that grow in your climate. I wasted
    many growing seasons trying to grow plants that don’t work in our heat and
    humidity. Your local college or extension service should be able to tell
    you what, when, and how to grow what works in your area. A web search
    should tell you what you need to know. Don’t spend a lot of time on special
    crops until you understand your local climate and environment.

  5. Daniel Allouche

    The first thing you want to do is find out what zone you live in to
    determine what kind of perennials you can grow.That will give you what is
    known as perma-culture.Be it herbs or fruiting shrubs,you’ll only need to
    plant once and harvest year after year.I would also look at some of what
    most people call weeds but have incredible healing properties.The rest is
    up to you. Happy gardening

  6. informationwarfare

    I never said you can feed people with a gun. You are throwing around
    insults without even reading what I’ve written. It doesn’t look good.
    Permaculture can feed everyone with minimal effort, self sustaining.

  7. jetajockey0

    I’m not a gun nut, I don’t even like guns, but they have a very important
    purpose in survival. There are alot of people out there who don’t want to
    share, they just want to take, and they don’t care who it hurts. It’s
    always been that way and it always will be, so be a victim or be a man and
    defend your family and community, your choice.

  8. enoughraptor6

    you really have no idea what the real world is like in a post collapse
    world do you? Jeta is correct in that people will need them. If you don’t
    want to don’t keep them but to say someone is an idiot because he knows
    more about the world then you. Its not selfish its survival.

  9. DanielManahan

    No I don’t crystal ball owner, and neither do you. what are you fucking
    nostradamus? how pretentious to watch a movie like ‘hunger games’ and think
    you are the expert on post collapse.

  10. DanielManahan

    ok I see where your false dichotomy is now. you think you can use a
    reductionistic theme like localized events where people are looting big
    screen TVs and compare that to someone looking someone’s broccoli patch.
    what you fail to consider is that in this post collapse there is no
    gasoline, not easy transportation. the criminals burn more calories walking
    ten miles to your cruciferous stash, than what they get from eating it. far
    less calories for them to learn gardnening themselves

  11. packersfan8679

    wow, just wow, how did this video become a discussion on guns. John, keep
    the videos coming, Most of us find them very informative and helpful. It
    was your videos that prompted me to start a garden for the first time in
    years. Now, just to wait and see what happens. My parents always had a huge
    garden up north. I moved to Florida 10 years ago, tried to do a garden and
    everything died in a matter of weeks. Been doing a little research, learned
    I need to grow in the winter, not summer.

  12. redirises

    Seed saving is awesome. I just need some assistance in cutting down the
    time I spend getting the seeds out of the husks and pods – I sent too much
    time on my dino kale seeds! John, did you know that one of the branches of
    the SF public library has a seed catalog so patrons can check out seeds? I
    haven’t been yet – but I can’t wait to go! also, the seed bank “BASIL” in
    Berkeley allows people to check seeds out for the season. What great
    resources for N CA gardeners!

  13. Justin Meier

    This is a great #gardening youtube channel to check out if you haven’t

  14. blis

    How do you grow huacatay? I grew them in a small container but they died.
    Please tell me what to do. 

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