The Art of Sustainable Gardening

The Art of Sustainable Gardening
This is a collaborative project between two faculty at the University of Delaware and Tyler Arboretum that focuses on Art and Sustainable Landscape Techniques.

16 thoughts on “The Art of Sustainable Gardening

  1. Carol Hathor

    what would really be useful in the future is some skill/knowledge on how to
    make fabrics, medicines and housing out of Hemp. Otherwise, these college
    professors are giving college kids something artsy-fartsy, of little
    economic value when they graduate. Making displays for small children
    treats college kids as if they are children too. After I graduated college,
    I looked back and realized I wasn’t being treated as an adult; I was a
    pet-project of my professor. I resent that.

  2. Jules Bruck

    That is an interesting thought… part of this overall project included
    making paper for interpretive signage out of invasive plants – specifically
    the cattails (Typha latifolia) we had crowding the UD wetlands. We also
    reused timber, ceramics, and hardware from a variety of sources so nothing
    included in the project was new. The goal was to teach university students
    – and the general public – about rainwater harvesting and other green

  3. Joe Moron

    You can not make any of that with out growing food first. It is obvious you
    have little experience with permaculture otherwise it would have been
    apparent the importance of design.

  4. Claude Yuen

    ggl for zero-budget agriculture [subhash palekar] and discover the amazing
    natural technique that is saving Mother Earth from destruction!!!

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