Sustainable living:No dig gardening

Sustainable living:No dig gardening
No -Dig Gardening – how to create a no dig garden for your backyard.

24 thoughts on “Sustainable living:No dig gardening

  1. vidaripollen

    i hate digging too.only light scraping is morethan enough most of the
    time.good work ladies.but news print ink from papers may b an issue due to

  2. Mark Kirkwood

    We teach people how to build and run Aquaponics systems. No weeding, no
    pesticides, no digging and rampant plant growth. Biotechturetraining com

  3. Debbee Winegar

    The information was good, too bad the video was focused on her, not the
    garden itself I was very disappointed. Didn’t show any of what she was

  4. bfinfinity

    I’ve heard of this, thanks for the demo, we need to do more things like
    this, since things are what they are now. Keep it up!

  5. SmithDan420

    I have personally used horse manure and find that it contains a lot of
    weeds. Horses aren’t very good at breaking down materials in their stomach
    so a lot of the weed seeds don’t get killed or die off. I learned this the
    hard way last year and used horse maneuver in my garden the weeds took over
    and I was constantly all summer weeding the garden.

  6. SmithDan420

    If you do decide to use horse manure I would suggest making a hot compost
    pile to try and kill off as much of the weed seeds as you can. Make sure
    the compost pile gets extremely hot.

  7. Lopertins The Green

    Agree with the top comment, it’s like the cameraperson has an aversion to
    filming the actual plant bed, it’s actually frustrating to watch!

  8. Newman Gardener

    Is the use of newspaper on the ground to smother weeds effective at
    eliminating yellow nut sedge(grass)?

  9. Costa Rica

    wow, this is neat, thanks! We are building two intentional communities in
    Southern Costa Rica. We love it here! Check out Osa Mountain Village and
    Serenity Gardens Eco Village

  10. nery colon 1

    Great video. I put compost on my plant every month just a bit so it can get
    the nutrients it needs. I also do my own compost and I save money in dirt.

  11. Kevin S.

    My soil is already pitch black in color and i want to basically kill most
    of my lawn. Do i need to maybe cover the lawn with black plastic sheeting
    till the grass is all dead or should i cover the lawn with cardboard?
    leaves, cut grass, hay or whatever on top of the cardboard? thanks; i’m
    altogether new at gardening.

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