Sustainable Gardens, New Mexico

Sustainable Gardens, New Mexico
More Green in the Garden

Support local markets and growers. Seed Exchanges. We attended a Community Seed Exchange Program sponsored in Dixon, NM. It was a great event. We met lots of local growers mostly private homeowners who gladly shared their knowledge of local growing ideas and best of all they shared their seeds. Herbs, flowers, food crops were all available and many of seeds were LOCAL NM varieties.

Anyone want to help start a local Farmers Market, Growers Network and Seed Exchange in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico… ? Please Write. Do it in your local area. Get Active in Community.

Developing Our Land.
Sand and Clay. Odd mix but we’re adjusting and amending our soils to support more sustainable growth. These first two years have been all about trying different things out and getting to know our land.

We’ve accomplished a good amount in two years and feel next season we’ll get things really moving. Green House in the plans, More food crops, Developing a system to use excess ground water in spring. We did no watering from our well in the garden from March thru the end of June due to the high ground water table in spring.

We live next to a river and the flows can be unpredictable as nature can be. But we’re developing our land to accommodate these eventualities. Bio Engineering a solution seems to be a good approach. Land Sloping, Burmed Slopes and Plants should help to minimize high flow waters damages to our property and structures. We also plan on raising many Native Species on our land. They grow here best so why not.

Share your GREEN GARDEN IDEAS… Please build sustainable community gardens and have a great day!