Sustainable Gardening #55

Sustainable Gardening #55 Check out how everything is growing in my garden beds. I cant wait for all my veggies to start growing. There nothing like the taste of your own home grown food. I hope you enjoy and thank you for watching :)

Here is the youtube link for growing your greens

Here is the youtube link for gardengirl:

12 thoughts on “Sustainable Gardening #55

  1. RawFoodVeganSungazer

    Hey brotha. You and me do a working out vids on youtube. Obviously your the
    man and your jacked like the incredible hulk :)… I linked your site when
    people suscribe to me, will you link me as well. much love my brotha..

  2. BadAssFarmer

    @dbunny9 Hey, I would love to hear your thoughts on how I could organize
    better. Theres always room for improvement :)….Thanks so much for watching

  3. PruneSucree

    Is kale a type of cabbage ? I’m french and the translator gives me that
    definition, though it doesn’t really look like cabbage !

  4. BadAssFarmer

    @TheLazyRawVegan The pink ladies will be pruned to stay about 5 feet and
    those are in the ground but the blueberries that are in pots will stay in
    pots unless I decide to put them in the ground somewhere.

  5. BadAssFarmer

    @PruneSucree No, its more like a big dark green lettuce or spinach. It does
    not grow into a ball like cabbage does.

  6. GabbyT2

    What you really want are heirloom plants or non-gmo plants. Organic is how
    they are grown. The unaltered plants are what will give you the best
    nutrients. I love your berry patch…very nice!

  7. Whippetfest

    I’m putting in a garden and greenhouse this year. I can’t wait until the
    garden is ready and we are past the frost date! Thanks for the videos : )

  8. interseed

    @RawFoodMuscle I think your yard is great!!! Keep up the good work…like
    you said make what you have work for you….you have given me some
    inspiration and “I feel the love” jajajajaja…T

  9. GoingOrganic1

    I liked hearing the details on square foot gardening and container
    gardening. Your garden looks great. Keep up the good work.

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