Sustainable Garden Ideas

Sustainable Garden Ideas
Sustainability is a buzz-word but what’s it all about in the garden?
Shot in my own work in progress garden here are a few simple ideas put into action to kick start your sustainable garden.
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3 thoughts on “Sustainable Garden Ideas

  1. Ruralife

    I think you have a lot of interesting and useful ideas, however I wish you
    would speak slower as I am finding it very difficult to follow everything
    that you are saying

  2. Adam Woodhams

    My apologies CanadianRoadRunner3 it’s a bad habit of mine. You should hear
    me on radio! I promise to try & slow down :)

  3. Luke Petry

    I really like the old laundry tub reuse. I have one that is disconnected in
    my basement. if only it didn’t weigh a ton!!

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