Organic Sustainable Gardening with Compost and Mulch

Organic Sustainable Gardening with Compost and Mulch
About a year ago I decided to become a more sustainable gardener. I stopped purchasing store-bought bag soil, fertilizers, rock dust, and compost teas. All while have amazing results! In this episode, I’ll demonstrate how homemade compost can covert horrible dirt into high quality soil loaded with organic matter and earthworms.

I show 3 different mulch options I use in my garden including hay, wood chips, and palm tree shavings.

I conclude with cover crops I use to enrich and improve my soil fertility. All without purchasing any soil and more importantly, not spending any money!

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7 thoughts on “Organic Sustainable Gardening with Compost and Mulch

  1. Growing with Joe

    Organic Sustainable Gardening with Compost, Mulch & Cover Crop. #composting

  2. HChrisH200 - Haphazard Homestead

    Once you get started on the home composting habit, it’s one you don’t want
    to quit! But then it becomes frustrating to see other people put yard waste
    out to be hauled away and then buy compost and garden soil. : ) So it’s
    great that you are showing the results at your place. Nice job!

  3. OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening

    Hi Joe. I love this approach and think you’ll get great results using
    compost, mulch, and cover crops. I look forward to seeing your garden grow
    this summer.

  4. Tom Jones

    I have been watching videos of farmers using a cover crop in no till
    farming. They use a seed drill to plant the cover crop (not tilling the
    soil). I would also like to plant the cover crop you have…could you post
    your source for obtaining it; and also did you just broadcast the cover
    crop seeds into your garden, and cover with a little soil and water…or
    did you use some other method with the cover crop? Thanks for video.

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