Mittleider Garden: Weekly Feed Fertilizer Recipe, Sustainable Gardening

Mittleider Garden: Weekly Feed Fertilizer Recipe, Sustainable Gardening
Buy using the Mittleider gardening weekly feed fertilizer mixture you can have a sustainable, healthy garden. By using the weekly feed you can store a year’s supply of fertilizer in a 5 gallon bucket. You don’t need to truck in loads of manure, compost or mulch. You’ll save a ton of money and have healthier plants and easier gardening.


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– 13-13-13 All Purpose Fertilizer:

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25 thoughts on “Mittleider Garden: Weekly Feed Fertilizer Recipe, Sustainable Gardening

  1. jahad222

    Epson Salt is available in most grocery stores in the pharmacy section, in
    ” Foot Care” isle. it has long been used as a soothing agent in warm water
    to soak “sore feet”.. also in the bath and for other uses. UNLESS you are
    diabetic. Do not use in that manner.. It only cost abut $4.00 for 4 lb.

  2. Home Defense Weapons

    Thanks very much. I did get clumping. I’ll get the lime to add and try
    that, I seem to only have access to 10-10-10 in my area of North central

  3. ads92557

    The only fertilizer that I can find that is that high in NPK are lawn
    fertilizers. Are they safe to use on vegetables? I was told by a person in
    a nursery that you shouldn’t use lawn fertilizers for vegetables.

  4. Anthony Vasquez

    Brother. I have been looking for weeks for 13-13-13. And I’m sure you are
    tired of answering this question. I searched Home Depot but they only have
    10-10-10. (Hyponics) I believe. I looked at lowes, ace hardware, walmart,
    nurseries. I’m out of luck and soon out of time. My seedlings will be ready
    to transplant soon. Please help. 

  5. Paul Ladendorf

    This is more sustainable than organic? Are you serious? All I have to do is
    cut my grass, rake my leaves (which I do any way) and throw them and my
    kitchen scraps into a heap to make loads of compost. How can you possibly
    say petrochemical fertilizer is more sustainable?

    “By definition, the manufacture of petrochemical fertilizers involves the
    unsustainable use of finite petroleum resources.”

  6. Joseph Larsen

    so what is your average cost per year for your whole garden taking all the
    weekly and yearly fertilizers?

  7. TeenaXenakis

    Unless I’m mistaken, you say twice in the video that it takes four pounds
    of epsom salts. The Mittleider book says four OUNCES? Four ounces seems
    way too little. Clarification please?

  8. Michelle Jessop

    PLEASE stop poisoning the earth.The greatest fertilizer from the beginning
    of time is COMPOST,how could our creator be wrong about this natural cycle?
    Respect the earth, it is a gift from God to us.KEEP THE NATURAL CYCLE OF

  9. bartendersunny1

    Could you make a video about adding the weekly feed to your beds? I need
    color by number directions. I over fertilized last year and am dying to
    get this right! Your videos are very helpful I just have way more

  10. calvinfbrown

    hmm with all the run off into the lakes and rivers and algae that is
    growing because of the artificial fertilizers farmers are using, many are
    going back to composted cow manure in their fields.

  11. Back Country Preps

    Growing your own food in my opinion is a great thing. I personally refuse
    to use any synthetic or man made fertilizer. Reason why #1, I have live
    stock and a literal mountain of wonderful organic compost.
    #2, I have a very large green house and orchard so buying mitlighter or any
    other product would be very cost prohibited.
    #3, I believe we should grow our food the way nature has shown us. Nature
    has perfected growing plants and trees over hundreds of millions of years.
    (Talk about being an expert)
    #4, if I wanted chemically fertilized food, I would just buy from the local
    grocery store.
    #5, in my opinion, the mitlighter method is like using plant steroids, ya
    you get fast and large fruit, but what effects does over stimulating your
    plants have in the long tearm?
    #6, what are all the high consintrations of different fertilizers actually
    doing to the bodies of those consuming these “super” fruits?

    Much respect LDS, but I think the best way to grow has been shown to us by
    nature, not man.
    Just my opinion

  12. Ella

    I bought a huge bag of epsom salts today (I have been using that on myself
    for years), and canister of 14 14 14 Osmacote 4 month extended feed
    fertilizer, and a bag of lime. Is that the recipe? 

  13. mcapote3

    what are your options if you cant find higher then 10-10-10 in your area?
    Ive tried hitting everywhere and its all 8-4-8 10-10-10 and 34-0-1 even
    walmart dont carry higher than 10-10-10 within 300 miles of me.

  14. Steve Sanders

    o then you need 25 pounds of 16-16-16, 4 pounds of Magnesium or Epsom
    salts, a ten ounce packet of micronutrients and then you also add 1 pound
    of 10 percent calcium from your on screen notes?

  15. carino tresvinos

    Sorry but it seems you are selling mixes for Mittleider and I for
    I for one don’t like promoting and marketing certain items.

  16. J DT

    Thank you sooo much for your videos. You inspired me to try the Mittleider
    When prepping the soil boxes it says to add a 34-0-0 fertilizer. Can I use
    one similar such as Jonathon Green “Green-up Lawn fertilizer” it has 29-0-3?
    Thank you,

  17. CindyC

    The facebook group is closed. Could you post the Mittleider method of
    fertilizing. I went to the site and could not find it.

  18. Steve Sanders

    So every year then you put done another preplant feed and then just till it
    in? Not just when you set the grow boxes up, correct?

  19. Don Barber

    I enjoy your videos they are very informative. I have a question. I mixed
    the fertilizer and the micronutrient and for some reason it seems to be
    turning into liquid. Is that normal? Thanks, Don

  20. J. Dee

    Hello, this solution sounds very good. Is the soil as important in non
    organic gardening?

  21. Steve Sanders

    Has anybody tried using Azomite as a substitute for the Mittleider mix?
    Just trying to think of a cheaper option. Interested in opinions. It is
    supposed to have such trace minerals.

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