City Encourages Uprooting Grass Lawns to Grow Sustainable Vegetable Gardens

City Encourages Uprooting Grass Lawns to Grow Sustainable Vegetable Gardens
John from goes on a field trip to Santa Monica, California to share with you a city that encourages residents to pull out their lawn and replace them with low water use native plants or edible gardens. Unlike many cities in the country, its perfectly legal to grow food in your front yard in Santa Monica, California. Many cities have laws forbidding certain edible crops from being growing in your front yard. In this episode John will visit a small demonstration garden and share with you some of the techniques you can use to grow your own food at home.

25 thoughts on “City Encourages Uprooting Grass Lawns to Grow Sustainable Vegetable Gardens

  1. FreidasGarden

    Thats a great point John, growing in layers. I’m going to go out and look
    at my new raised bed differently now. hmmmm Since I live down here in
    Anaheim I struggle with the Sun too hot and then everything bolts. I love
    SoCal! And I can feel the warmth from you being down here! Thanks for
    another great informative video!

  2. social3ngin33rin

    That thyme looks like ground cover are there any other herbs that would
    work as ground cover? :)

  3. cheesuschristify

    Cool, come do a demo in my front yard! Merced, CA You can tear the whole
    thing up, I’ll supply the wood chips and planters! So far, everything I
    touch dies!

  4. jo232409

    I use wood chips on my property. Put down 6 inches of woodchips, with
    newspaper & cardboard under. This will keep weeds down for years. It took
    about 6 weeks of looking on Craigslist and calling around, but I finally
    got a huge truck of chips delivered for free. Great deal! You can also grow
    straight into the woodchips, it’s good for trees and other large plants, as
    the chips retain water. The chips also improve the soil greatly.

  5. Madhumangala Das

    Maybe sometime you could shoot a video on your use of the biochar. You have
    some videos talking about it briefly, but an update on its practical
    benefits and how its working for you would help a lot I think. Also, THE

  6. Karen M

    What do you think of using gravel or pebbles instead of the mulch for
    walking on? Another great video John.

  7. sly2kusa

    No – I am not part of any city council. Tell me why having a front yard
    lawn is such a bad thing (I am asking you an honest question). I like using
    my yard clippings as a good nitrogen source for all the leaves I rake up in
    my back yard. They go into my compost tumbler, and make really awesome
    black gold for me. So why would I want to get rid of my lawn???

  8. sly2kusa

    Dude – please comment on the thread out here (so others who have the same
    questions as I do might be able to learn as well). BTW – I don’t mow my own
    lawn! LOL! So on these better sources of Nitrogen, are you referring to
    kitchen scraps and blood meal? Yeah guess what – those go into my
    composting recipe as well. As for my front yard lawn – I think I’ll keep it
    because not only does it look nice, it’s a FREE source of Nitrogen. Thanks

  9. sly2kusa

    Message received from the idiot known as ‘haydenbn’… “LOL”!! Soo your
    grass magically ends up in your “Black gold”. You should do a vid on
    that… Good luck “DUDE” “BTW” your “black gold” “recipe” sucks!!! Typical
    idiot who is looking for nothing more than a flame-war, instead of an
    actual exchange of information. Well ‘dude’, why don’t you just go read a
    book or something instead of acting like the idiot you are, with me and
    others…I’ve stepped on things more intelligent than you.

  10. haydenbn

    Keep your grass if you think it looks pretty. Water it, Mow it and love it.
    You are the one that wants a “flame-war”. calling me nasty names. All you
    have done is insult me. You have bought nothing to your side of our
    disagreement. Thats intelligent I am doing research,,, I have learnt a lot
    from John’s vids and other internet sources. Finding heaps of practical
    gardening techniques. What i asked you how do you get your grass clippings
    if you dont mow? a knife, scissors …

  11. Daniel Allouche

    John, just a note on mulch please only use straw and not hay because hay
    still has seeds in it where as straw does not. I wouldn’t want the other
    viewers to screw up.Think of all the weeding you would have to do if you
    used straw.

  12. Daniel Allouche

    John Did you know that artichoke greens are really good for’s grown
    and used as a only gets bitter when in bloom. CHEERS and happy New

  13. sly2kusa

    Not that anyone cares (especially me), but anyone (if they were actually
    interested enough, and I actually posted your incendiary comments out here
    that you emailed) with 2 pieces of gray matter between their ears would be
    smart enough to see that all you were doing was making insulting statements
    towards me regarding the obvious. If I don’t mow my own lawn, then
    obviously someone else does it for me (a 2 year old could figure that one
    out), so please don’t play dumb about your rude behavior.

  14. laura boyd pendleton

    OH MY I love those stone raised beds!! I don’t have a lawn but my town had
    a program that would pay you to remove your lawn for water conservation. We
    are putting some raised beds in the front yard though not as nice as the
    ones in the video but I am excited to be expanding our garden :)

  15. CPX7700

    In some places it simply isn’t worth it to keep a lawn. Where I live (Ohio)
    the lawn needs little maintenance and is healthy. In arid western states
    some people and communities insist on keeping a lawn despite being
    surrounded by a desert and using precious water for a lawn.

  16. CPX7700

    Yeah, a bit unconventional but at least your lawn works for you instead of
    the other way around. Clover grows in everybody’s yard here in Ohio and it
    puts nitrogen in the soil. Sometimes I think the weeds are more useful than
    the grass.

  17. corporatejungles

    Don’t come to Durham County in NC if you want to grow anything in your
    yard! I tried to start a home based business by growing plants in pots on
    my property and they looked down with a sattelite onto my property and saw
    what I was doing and shut me down!!! Now I can’t grow anything in a pot!!!
    Everything has to be in the ground. I can’t even have pots empty on my
    property because they consider it “storage”. they won’t even let you have
    more than one lawnmower! Facist bastards.

  18. 13c11a

    The problem with newspaper and cardboard is that they contain so many
    chemical contaminants, including ink and formaldehyde, which are very
    toxic. These chemicals percolate into the ground water and, if you plant
    food plants, the produce absorbs the chemicals and we consume them.

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