Backyard Organic Garden

Backyard Organic Garden
Learn how to transform a small backyard into a highly productive, self-watering, sustainable vegetable garden that doesn’t use any chemicals or pesticides.
Please watch my lawn to garden transformation:

25 thoughts on “Backyard Organic Garden

  1. Crhistian Ramirez

    How did you get your gravity drip irrigation system to work so well? I
    thought about doing this before but read that you need 2.3 feet of height
    per 1 PSI. Most systems need at least 10PSI but work best under 15-30 PSI.
    That’s 32 feet in the air for a very basic low psi. 

  2. vegasacid

    Nice going, really well thought out and planned, you make a convincing
    argument for anyone to grow organic gardens in their backyards.

  3. Morbiscus

    What an amazing transformation! You inspire me. But I think collecting
    rainwater is illegal in CO…. it’s an unfair law.

  4. Cory McGrath

    I am looking forward to being able to move to the NW and do exactly this
    with a garden, thanks for sharing!

  5. Butch Parilo

    Hi Alex, do you have any relatives in Philly? My father name was originally
    spelled with two r’s and l’s. Thanks for the videos I’m just getting stated
    gardening and they are very helpful. 

  6. Cristina Beier

    I am so inspired! Thanks for this video – I am just starting to get into
    gardening and cannot wait to see how it all turns out :)

  7. JB Smoov

    Doing the same to my yard bc grass is just too expensive to maintain and
    yields 0 food

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