Abundant, Organic, Sustainable Gardening in a Super Small Space!!

Abundant, Organic, Sustainable Gardening in a Super Small Space!!
Hi! My name is Holli and I’m the Urban Patio Gardener!

What you can expect from this channel:
– tips on efficient gardening in a small space using containers
– HUGE harvests!
– preventing and addressing diseases and deficiencies of your patio plants
– sustainable and organic gardening
– I do all this in a 10’X12′ space!! AND SO CAN YOU!!

Peas, love and tomatoes ;)

6 thoughts on “Abundant, Organic, Sustainable Gardening in a Super Small Space!!

  1. The Urban Patio Gardener

    Please let me know if there are any patio gardening topics you’d like to
    hear about!

  2. Julie Fortin

    It would be great to see your patio garden :) Growing our own food is so

    As I see that you love Organic Gardening, I’m pretty sure you will fall in
    love with that project. We truly believe that everyone can grow their own
    food 365 days/year (yes even in winter) and live healthy!

    Take a look, and if you love it like I think you will, spread the words!

    Will you be a part of this great change?

  3. rosycheks

    Sustainable that’s impressive! I have a big family though we all are not
    vege lovers but if I can make great dinners from your recipes make they
    would my family wouldn’t mind eating more veges. Hope you make more and
    more videos to share! Thanks!!

  4. LostRoaming

    Great stuff! I look forward to seeing more videos. Seems to have been a
    while but I have to remind myself that it’s coooold in the states ;-) 

  5. Joe M

    Hi Holli

    I like your vertical tower video. I notice that you haven’t posted any more
    videos of it after it grows out nicely. I like the way you made yours as
    its similar to an idea I have to do ours. Thanks — Joe

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