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Secrets from Our Garden – TSL 2015 Schools Sustainability Challenge

Secrets from Our Garden – TSL 2015 Schools Sustainability Challenge
Mrs Liliana Clițan and her 7-year old students at Elf School Romania learned about sustainable agriculture by growing their own garden in the school playground. The project started in March 2014, in partnership with the Romanian Permaculture Association and it is still going on.

The children learned about how plants grow in a natural way, without using chemicals, and they were so excited to look after their own garden. They made the vegetable beds in spring and they had the first crop in summer, when they ate a huge, delicious salad made of raddishes, lettuce, arugula, spring onions, dill, spinach… In autumn, they planted flowers in their garden, and in winter they invited the birds in, by setting up bird feeders.

“We learned that growing vegetables by yourself is a lot of fun, and they are tastier when you pick and eat them fresh.” – the kids said.
“I’ve always wanted to teach my class how food grows and how we can preserve the planet by sustainable gardening. I am thankful to the Romanian Permaculture Association for giving me the chance to do that. Children always learn best when they do things themselves, so this is an excellent opportunity for them. The parents were also very happy to get involved and I thank them for all their enthusiasm”, said Mrs Liliana Clițan.

Now, Mrs Clițan’s class would like to replicate the project and start their own mini-gardens at home or at their grandparents’.
Don’t you think our planet already feels safer?

Certified Wildlife Habitats – Sustainable Practices (#6)

Certified Wildlife Habitats – Sustainable Practices (#6)
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