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Back To Eden Gardening: Creating Sustainable Soil

Back To Eden Gardening: Creating Sustainable Soil
There is a reason why we chose for our self sustainable homestead the Back to Eden Garden method. We wanted to create a garden that not only produced well, but didnt need to be watered much, was not labor intensive, had no pests, and worked WITH nature not against it.
Hmmm we also wanted a garden WE didnt have to ADD a little this and that…and use this method and that method and use the “lets wait and see approach. WE needed a garden that would be successful the first year! WHY! Because we are off grid and WE want to our homestead to be self reliant..not a crap shot! PLUS we need to eat…not wait and see if we get some veggies or none at all!!
BTE method delivered the first year! And the beauty of the method is after three years it is now creating soil…EVERY gardeners dream!!!!
NOT all methods offer sustainble soil! soil that is created! Alot of methods you have to keep adding “stuff” year after year! UGHHH!!! Enough of the science projects!
GOD didnt GET IT wrong!
Stop looking and start thinking simple!!

Watch as Starry shares her sustainable soil…created by the BTE method! If you are a gardener and are yearning for soil that IMPROVES year after year…Take a look! BTE is a concept reflecting nature…its works ANYWHERE with ANY soil in a any climate because GOD knows what He’s doing!!